Goverment of India

It gives me immense pleasure in launching our new Website which is more interactive and useful for all the users. I am happy to state that PCDA (SWC) has set high standards in all areas of its work. I take it as my first and foremost duty to uphold these high standards and try to take this organisation to even greater heights. All customers can directly access the information pertaining to them through the website. It is a matter of satisfaction and happiness that a lot of efforts have gone into the successful design and development of the website. The website will continue to get improved in future as well. Suggestions in this regard are always welcome.

Ours is a service oriented organisation and our role is to provide efficient and professional service to our customers. We have institutionalized a mechanism of regular liaison meetings with the executive authorities with a view to resolving various issues. It has given impetus to our efforts to make PCDA (SWC) a wholly custom-centric organisation.

With every passing day, the expectations of our client organisations are rising which can be met only by getting rid of the archaic and superfluous processes in discharging our functions. I am confident that within next one year our business processes will get more refined and robust. I am sure that each member of PCDA (SWC) fraternity will contribute to the best of their abilities to effect further improvements in service delivery. Our revered late President Dr. Abdul Kalam also said that “excellence is a continuous process and not an accident”; so let us take a pledge that we shall strive to achieve excellence in whatever we do and give out our best to our clients.