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It has been quite an emotional feeling for me to be assigned with  the onerous responsibility & charge of PCDA (SWC) Jaipur for which I feel myself to be proud and privileged. I expressed my deep sense of gratitude & kind regard to the most respectable CGDA for providing me with an opportunity by providing such an important assignment and area of responsibility.


               As a Student Officer of 58th National Defence College, ndc, New Delhi I had lead successful Rajasthan tour as a team leader & had good memories & remembrance to share. Office of PCDA(SWC) Jaipur began its journey  in 1984 as a small office of Area Account Office Jaipur and after getting up-graded and transformed to O/o Controller of Defence Accounts (SWC) Jaipur now finally it has been established as an O/o Principal Controller of Defence Account (South Western Command). Area remained the same but name has changed. Recently MoD New Delhi accorded approval for New office building project of PCDA(SWC) Jaipur as well as Guest House (Transit facility creation), wherein CGDA New Delhi Office has a lion share. Hence my first and foremost priority will be to see that both these projects of new construction of New PCDA Office building as well as transit accommodation facility see the light of the day at the earliest.

             Yesterday we had a Marathon meeting with Shri T.S. Reddy, IDES, CE/MES Jaipur Zone about the action plan and road map to fulfil these two novel projects successfully in a time-bound manner without having a Time & Cost over rise. The existing off office building is also being planned to be renovated to accommodate the officer/staff members by extending it horizontally. Special drainage system is projected and agreed to by the CE/MES Jaipur Zone to put  an end to the perennial water logging/clogging  problem, since the office building is in low lying area and frequently prone to water accumulation if it rains heavily.
               Parking problems & restriction of man & material is  also taken care off by providing with additional space in the vicinity of office & space is generated by weeding of time barred old records as well as its disposal which has been done under the command and control of  Dr. B K Verma, IDAS, Jt.CDA vide PCDA (SWC) DO  letter No. AN/II/114-A/Vol-VIII  dated 27th August 2020. These records are being shifted to Army’s Record Room both in print as well as  digital mode. Lt. Gen Alok Kler, AVSM,VSM, GOC-in-C has also been briefed about the same vide DO of PCDA(SWC) Jaipur No AN/II/114-A/Vol-VIII dated 26th August 2020  as well meeting in person. Space so vacant will be utilized for housing by our staff after these three rooms get renovated by MES through Departmental Deposit Work.
               A meeting was held at 12.20 hrs in Command HQrs with Lt.Gen Alok Kler, AVSM,VSM, GOC-in-C on dated 26th August 2020, wherein most of these  issues related to O/o PCDA(SWC) were discussed in person and the Army Commander was kind enough to has assure to intervene, look into and  issue  necessary directions to its redressal. Online DFMC courses & Synergy Conference   are in the offering in the next month with all the senior officers of SWC and  AOGEs and LAOs conference conducted and organised successfully.
             Last but not the least, I request all my officers and staffs to take pledge today that we will finalize our assigned duties and responsibilities with impartiality, honesty, devotion, dedication & other sincerity of purpose and approved with the prescribed and laid down time frame to the best of the department and keeping the tradition of DAD high & flying for others to enumerate, praise and follow. “Together We Will, Together We Can”.
                Jai Hind