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Dear Friends,

Greetings and best wishes to you all on 274th DAD Day.

            This day does not only mark the festivities associated with the raising day of our great department, but also marks as a reminder to our responsibilities and commitments. This day reminds us of our glorious past and rejuvenates us to continue our journey towards an equally glorious future. While we turn one more page of the history book of the department, we also need to introspect and focus on the present day challenges and opportunities.

            We belong to one of the oldest department of the Government of India. This long legacy has not only given us knowledge and experience, but has also made our work processes and procedures quite robust and streamlined. We can rightfully boast of our rich legacy.  But we should also not loose sight of the new requirements of our clients- the defence services. 

            We have been trained and told that ours is a service department. We should therefore adapt our work procedures according to the requirements of our clients. Our work processes should be efficient and expedient and should provide sufficient information output to the defence services thereby enabling them in taking suitable financial decisions leading to their strategic target achievements. This can be achieved – to a very large extent – through information technology systems and solutions. 

            Integrated IT systems is the pre-requisite for a modern, progressive and smart organization. Our department has always leveraged IT in improvising our work processes as well as our service delivery. However, in recent times, our IT penetration has lagged behind some other contemporary Government departments. It is time that we start adopting innovative approach towards better leveraging IT for making ours a digital department. 

            Innovation is creating new methods or finding new ways to reach our goal. A thinking mind only can chive this. Our department has got educated and skilled human resources; there is ample focus on training and development of this resource. However, thinking is inherent to us. We can develop this capability on our own- by observing things around us and trying to find a better or efficient way for doing these things. I would urge you all to work as a thinking human being so that we can further work towards transforming our department into a modern and dynamic organization.  

            As part of a service department, it is incumbent on us to develop professionalism and ethos in service delivery. Attitude also matters a lot. Service provided with a positive attitude, professional approach and a cordial behavior not only gives satisfaction to both the giver as well as the receiver, but also makes a lasting and positive impact on the customer, which in turn leads to better reputation as well as recognition to our department. 

            Last one and a half year of the pandemic has affected our lives very adversely. Our organization has however continued providing its services to the clients with the same level of efficiency. The credit for this goes to each one of you. As life is slowly returning to normal, we should still be cautious and follow all guidelines and protocols particularly at our respective work places.    

            It gives me great pleasure to share with you all that the team of PCDA (SWC) has been selected for the prestigious ‘Raksha Mantri Award’ for their innovative project “Online Command Training Module”. The training videos created as part of this project are getting excellent views on the online portal. My congratulations to the team members and all the colleagues associated with the project. We should continue with our efforts to achieve similar feats in future also.

            I once again wish you all on DAD Day. Let us all take a pledge that we will take the department to higher heights with our dedicated and collective efforts.


Jai Hind.