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Defence Accounts Recreation Club has been setup in PCDA(SWC), Jaipur for the welfare of Officers & Staff of PCDA(SWC).


  • To provide recreational facilities to its members;
  • To organise cultural/film shows or other entertainment and recreational activities;
  • To organise sports meets/tournaments etc;
  • To provide facilities for in-door and out-door games;
  • To maintain a library and a reading room for the members; and
  • To undertake such other recreational or welfare activities as may be decided upon by the Executive Committee from time to time.

The PCDA shall be the patron of the Club and the Club shall function to his overall guidance and directions.

For conducting the day to day activities of the club, an executive committee has been constituted which includes following Officio bearers with DCDA (Admin) as its Ex-Officio President:

  • General Secretary –Mr Chail Bihari Meena, Sr. Auditor
  • Sports Secretary – Mr Satish Kumar Meena, Sr. Auditor
  • Library & Cultural Secretary – Mrs Akanksha Shukla, Auditor
  • Treasurer – Mr Harish Meena, Sr. Auditor



The club shall function under the overall direction of the president and activities of the club shall be conducted generally with his approval. He shall preside over the meetings of the Executive Committee and shall have a casting vote.


He will be overall in charge of the day to day activities of the club and shall be answerable to the president for all the actions of various office bearers and executive committee members of the club.

He shall call meeting of the executive committee periodically or as and when required as directed by the President, and keep a proper record of the business transacted in such meeting in the Minute Book, which shall bear the full signature of the secretary and the president on each proceedings. 


They shall be responsible for conducting activities in their respective fields as decided by the executive committee.


He shall be responsible for the maintenance of the library and the reading room of the Club.

He shall maintain catalogue of Books, Stock Register of Books and Newspapers and periodicals etc.


The treasurer of the Club shall maintain a proper cashbook which shall pass all items of cost and expenditure.

The life of the Executive Committee shall ordinarily be one year, but it would continue to function as such till the new Executive Committee takes office.

The Correspondence related to the DARC is maintained by Administration Section in order to watch the functions performed by DARC.


Important Circulars


  1. DARC रक्षा लेखा प्रधान नियंत्रक (द.प.क.), खातीपुरा रोड जयपुर की बैठक का कार्यवृत
  2. रक्षा लेखा मनोरंजन क्लब (DARC) की बैठक के कार्यवृत का प्रेषण ।