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Accounts Section

  • Preparation of compilation schedules from punching media and supporting vouchers in respect of remittance heads.
  • Maintenance of Debt head registers
  • Settlement of Transactions for payments made and receipts realized.
  • Reconciliation of Balances as per monthly statement of closing balances of R.B.I (CAS), Nagpur, with the balances worked out in the books of the Controllers .
  • Watching clearance of the outstanding in respect of suspense heads under the Defence Proforma Account – Remittance into Banks/Treasuries “Cheques and Bills”, Reserve Bank suspense, Reserve bank Suspense Unclassified and the Remittance heads-Accounts with States, P.A.O of Ministries.
  • Accounting and adjustment of transactions relating to DAD Receipts and Expenditure.
  • Processing of transactions relating to Exchange Accounts between Controllers of Defence Accounts
  • Watching progress of expenditure against allotments in respect of locally controlled heads, rendition of monthly statements of expenditure to the local controlling authorities.
  • Review of compilation
  • Maintenance of Defence ledger
  • Appropriation reports
  • Preparation of Reviews of Balances in respect of Defence and DAD
  • Issue of Accounts Circulars on various accounting matters initiated by C.G.D.A. New Delhi


  1. General administration of the office and all its sub-offices.
  2. Establishment of the Office and all its sub-offices.
  3. Recruitment of Group C&D staff
    • Through SSC.
    • Compassionate Appointment.
    • Employment Exchange.
    • Inter Department transfers.
  4. Posting & Transfers
    • Half Yearly inter command
    • Compassionate on medical grounds
    • Station seniors inter command
    • Internal-due to administrative reasons
  5. Promotions- Officers upto the rank of AO and above (All Promotions including MACP)
  6. Temporary Duty Moves- IDAS Officers
  7.  IDAS Officers Correspondence
  8. Deputation
  9. Resignation
  10. Conduct & Discipline
  11. Immovable & Movable property permissions
  12. Application for outside employment
  13. NOC for higher education
  14. NOC for Passport/Visiting abroad
  15. Conducting ROC Meeting. Dealing with Association related activities
  16. Diarisation and distribution of secret, confidential, Demi-Official Letters and other communications received in this office.
  17. Periodical reports and returns
  18. SAS Exam & other departmental exams
  19. Sports(DASCB)
  20. Prevention of sexual Harassment
  21. Part-II O.O. publishing on case of Temporary Duty
  22. Maintenance of Part-II O.O. Guard File & Register
  23. Monthly Briefing Report
  24. Quarterly Personal Target Report
  25. General Election

ADMIN-II (House Keeping)

  1. Maintainnance of office building inculding DAD Accomodation
  2. Allotment of DAD Accomodation to DAD emplyee corrospondance regarding allotment of CPWD Accomodation.
  3. Payment of bills regarding- news Paper, Telephone Postal expenditure  inculding sub-office.
  4. Maintenance of store .
  5. DAD works project related
  6. Hot/Cold weather procurement and supervision of hot/Cold weather works.
  7. Budget DAD projects, preparation,control,monitoring and forwarding to CGDA.
  8. Preparation of Annual Maintenance programme in respect of DAD residental complex and all related correspondence.
  9. All work related DAD guest house(maintaincance, allotement ) and adjustment of revenue received from DAD guest house.
  10. Prepare, control and monitoring of office contingency budget.


1. As a nodal office in Jaipur, handling of CAT/Court case pending against the Department before various court in Jaipur wherein DAD is impleaded as one of the respondents. The work includes :-

(a)liaison with Govt. Counsel for the briefing cases as & when required,

(b)handing-over of requisite documents to Govt. Counsel,

(c)obtaining OAs/Draft  Replies/Court  orders  from  Govt.  Counsel for handing-over to the offices/sections concerned for necessary action.

2. Pre-audit and passing of Govt. Counsels bill for various cases filed in courts.

3. Misc. Expenses in respect of cases pending before High Court.

4. Reply  of  RTI  applications  /appeals  in  time  including  watching and obtaining inputs from different sections, reporting etc.

5. Leave :- Regularization of every kind of leave and Part-II publication of Office Order for EL/CML/ML/PL/CCL other leave etc. (Basis MLS).

6. Pension calculation of retiring personal and calculations of review data sheet, issue of Id card to serving and retired officials of DAD etc.

7. ALL works relating to APAR.

8. Vigilance : All work relating to Vigilance section including reporting etc,

9. Maintenance of Service Book, making entries in service book, audit of service book by LAO, Sending/receipt of service book on transfer etc.


  1. DAD Officers/staff are the customers of this section
  2. Regular Pay Bills/Sy. Bills
  3. TA/DA Claims, LTC Claims & Medical Claims.
  4. Other Personal Claims like GPF advance withdrawls, Tuition fee claims etc.
  5. Pay fixation consequent on promotion, revision of scales etc.
  6. Sanctioning of Annual Service Increments.
  7. Issue of LPC of DAD officers/staff.
  8. Sanction of HBA/HBA advance.
  9. Computer advance, TA/DA advance and LTC advance.
  10. Calculation of IT/deduction of TDS/issue of form 16.


1. To Audit and Payment of regular salary and arrears of pay, CEA and allowances  as per entitlements in r/o Basic staff of Defence civilians (MES).

2. To maintain all necessary records and complete in all respects correct so as to ensure that service benefits of employees are correctly paid on due dates.

3. Verification of DATA Sheet, Pension documents and onward submission to Sanctioning Authorities.


1. Arrange for cash assignment on treasuries and the Bank in favour of disbursing officers authorised to make payments,

2. On Indent for issue of cheque books, maintained of records and arrange for their custody and accounting,

3.Payment of all   passed  bills  received   from  various section through SBI  CMP, despatch  cheques   and cheque  slip,   prepararation of schedule III, maintain  a daily   record  of  the reconciliations   made  between  the   totals of daily  payment   sheets and schedules-III,

4. Payment of audited bills by the various section  system file download by   running programme and check and verify of  all audited bills passed through “Tulip” , preparation of check list, creation of CMP file, uploaded the file   through  SBI CMP Portal. Daily checking of rejection record through SBI CMP and reprocess to correct the payment by manually adjustment of concern section


1. Keep the office automation – Project TULIP up to date.

2. Ensure office automation networking availability in all sections.

3. Data compilation and uploading.

4. Ensure CGDA WAN serviceability.

5. Uploading on and updation of PCDA(SWC) Website.

6. Procurement of IT Hardware/Software and computer stationery.

7. Maintenance of IT Hardware/Software of the office.

8. Compilation of Income Tax in PAN/TAN through CA.

9. BAS- Registration and updation of transfer in/out cases.

10. Run the Nidhi Server.


1. Scrutiny of contract Agreements of documents in ‘Nature of services’ column in part -B and Pay promptly and correctly for works executed in r/o of MAP work.

2. Pre audit of Final bills, Hand receipt, provisional payment of arbitration award.

3. Issue of Cash assignment to all AOGEs

4. Post Audit of Cash and Paid vouchers.

5. Monitoring & watching the progress of expenditure against allotment of fund.


1. Rendition of monthly GPF data to CDA (Fund) Meerut.

2. Forwarding applications of GPF subscribers in r/o correction/amendment of their  nomination/date  of   birth  related  GPF   details  to  CDA(Fund)Meerut cantt.

3. Distribution of CCO-9 received from CDA (fund) Meerut to concern unit.

4. Rectification of discrepancies in GPF account of the individuals

5. Timely uploading of NPS subscription to NSDL on monthly basis.

6. Forwarding of application for new PRAN generation.

7. Amendment in NPS detail of subscribers.

8. Forwarding the exit withdrawal claim of NPS subscriber to NSDL.

9. Handling with discrepancy in NPS cases.

हिन्दी   कक्ष

1. राजभाषा कार्यान्वयन समिति की बैठकों का आयोजन इस कार्यालय में कार्यालय प्रधान की अध्यक्षता में हर साल तीन माह में एक राजभाषा बैठक का आयोजन किया जाता है,  जिसमें कार्यालय के अनुभागों द्वारा किए गए हिन्दी कार्यों पर चर्चा की जाती है । अधीनस्थ कार्यालयों की  राजभाषा कार्यान्वयन समिति की बैठकों के कार्यवृतों तथा तिमाही प्रगति रिपोर्ट की समीक्षा भी की जाती है ।

2. मुख्य कार्यालय एवं अधीनस्थ कार्यालय से संबंधित रिपोर्ट  राजभाषा संबंधी समस्त रिपोर्ट तैयार कर समयबद्ध प्रेषण (तिमाही रिपोर्टनराकास रिपोर्टछमाही रिपोर्टवार्षिक मूल्यांकन रिपोर्टटंकण एंव आशुलिपिक संबंधी रिपोर्टवार्षिक कार्यक्रम अनुपालना रिपोर्ट आदि

3. अनुवाद कार्य  कार्यालय के विभिन्न अनुभागों तथा अधीनस्थ कार्यालयों से प्राप्त पत्रोंप्रपत्रोंप्रारूपों तथा रिपोर्टों इत्यादि का हिन्दी अनुवाद एंव टंकण करना और अमानक फॉर्म तैयार करना ।

4. हिन्दी कार्याशाला  मुख्य कार्यालय में हर तिमाही में एक कोर्यशाला का आयोजन करना तथा अधीनस्थ कार्यालयों में भी राजभाषानिरीक्षण के दौरान एकएक हिन्दी कार्याशाला का आयोजन करना ।

5. राजभाषा विभागगृह मंत्रालय द्वारा जारी वार्षिक कार्यक्रम को मुख्य कार्यालय के सभी अनुभागों तथा सभी अधीनस्थ कार्यालयों में अनुपालना हेतु परिचालित करना ।

6. हिन्दी प्रोत्साहन पुरस्कार योजना संबंधी पत्राचार ।

7. हिन्दी शिक्षणहिन्दी टंकण एंव हिन्दी आशुलिपि प्रशिक्षण पूरा करवाना ।

8. हिन्दी पखवाड़े का आयोजन  मुख्य कार्यालय में विभिन्न प्रतियोगिताओं तथा मुख्य समारोह का आयोजन करना ।

9. मुख्य कार्यालय के विभिन्न अनुभाग तथा अधीनस्थ कार्यालयों का राजभाषा निरीक्षण कर रिपोर्ट भेजना तथा अनुवर्ती कार्रवाई सुनिश्चित करवाना ।

10.  पत्रिका प्रकाशन  छमाही ई पत्रिका मरूलेखा हेतु सामग्री इकट्ठा करनाउसे टंकित करके ई पत्रिका के रूप में तैयार करना और कार्यालय की वेबसाइट पर अपलोड करवाना ।

11.  पुस्तकालय संबंधी कार्य एवं दायित्व — हिन्दी कक्ष के पुस्तकालय के लिए पुस्तकों की सूची बनाकर उनकी खरीद करना तथा मासिक पत्रिकाएंअखबार तथा पुस्तकें जारी करना तथा जमा करनारखरखाव आदि कार्य ।

12.  राजभाषा नियम 10(4) के अंतर्गत कार्यालयों को भारत के राजपत्र में अधिसूचित करवाना ।

13.  नराकास की बैठक में सम्मिलित होना एवं उपसमिति संबंधित कार्य ।

14.  संसदीय समिति का निरीक्षण साक्षात्कार से संबंधित कार्य ।

15.  महानियंत्रक कार्यालय द्वारा इस कार्य़ालय का निरीक्षण ।

16.  राजभाषा नियमों की अनुपालना हेतु जाँच बिन्दु तैयार कर उनका परिचालन करवाना ।


1. Payment of Bill & Grants

2. Issue of Cash Assignment to ECHS Polyclinic

3. Audit of cash book and vouchers and adjustment thereoff

4. Post Audit of vouchers against  Grants, issue of objections and settlement


1. Online processing of Post Audit of ECHS Medical Bills, raised objection

2. Recovery of over payment against Hospitals


1. Study of various sections in order to achieve economy and efficiency in all areas of work.

2. To carry out, on behalf of PCDA/CDA, periodical inspection of various sections in Main Office & Sub Office under its Jurisdiction.

3. Reply and disposal of inspection report received from CGDA.

4. Organize various in-house training program for the staff of Main Office

5. Nomination of officers/personnel for training at RTC, Meerut and other training centers as per slots availability. Deal with all training related correspondence.

6. Deal with Complaints received from CGDA HQ, CPGRAM and directly in PCDA Office

7. Preparation of Charter Of Duties of main office and sub offices

8. Re-examination of work load of main office and sub office with reference to strength (For strength revision).

9. With direction by HQ office (CGDA) minutes of Controllers conference meeting, circulation/ implementation and an Action Taken Report to be intimated to HQ office (CGDA)

10. As per HQ CENTRAD direction Half yearly CTC meeting organization and report to be render to HQ office.

11. Organised Training and Development week.

12. To Organised DFMC for Army Officers as per instructions issued by CGDA CENTRAD.


1. Audit and Passing of Medical Reimbursement Claims of Defence Civilians of various units of Army & MES units under audit jurisdiction of PCDA (SWC) and related correspondence and DV register maintenance.

2. Maintenance of Payment Authority register & file.

3. Maintenance, sorting and storing of DVs after payment of medical reimbursement claims.

4. Work related to Sectional Compilation report.

5. Forwarding of Punching medium of passed claims to corresponding LAO/AOGE.

6. Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Half yearly/Annual Report correspondence Granting of Medical Advance and keeping track of recovery of same.


  • To Receive all Inward DAK from Units/Formations.
  • Sorting the DAK, allotting of DAK_ID Numbers to Bills, Valuables etc., and Distribute to the Concerned Sections for Audit and Payment.
  • Distribution of Confidential/Secret/CGDA letters.
  • Maintenance of Office Library; Issue of Books of Regulations, Codes and Manuals.
  • Corrections to Books of Regulations and updation.
  • Dispatch of Outward DAK to various Units/Formations, Offices etc.
  • Maintenance of Service Labels.
  • Procurement of Forms/Stationery and Supply there of to Main Office and Sub-Offices under PCDA(SWC), Jaipur.
  • Duplicating/Stencil of Part I, Part II Office Orders, Instructions and Circulars.
  • Maintenance and Disposal of Time barred Old Records.


  1. Pre-scrutiny of CST relating to ASC, CHT etc. contracts
  2. Scrutiny of contracts and amendments there to
  3. Audit and payment of claims on account of S & S Imprest held by Supply Depots ASC etc
  4. Scheduling of CRVs to LAOs for LP of stores
  5. All work relating to Security Deposits on contracts
  6. Payment and Pre-audit of bills with respect to Army Commander’s Special Financial Powers and IT grants.
  7. Payment of Ration Money Allowance of Service Officers.


  1. Cash accounts current of Military Farms and Remount Depots.
  2. Monthly accounts and annual productions account of Bakeries.
  3. Maintenance of statistics in connection with and the publication and revision of rates, pricing of payment issue vouchers, loss statements, service transport indents, etc. and adjustment of cost thereof.
  4. Audit of sale accounts and audit and payment of bills on account of auctioneers‟ commission.
  5. Watching verification of Credits of high value imported and indigenous stores.
  6. Customs duty charges.
  7. Payment of Sea freight and landing stages bills.
  8. Central purchase of stores in India.
  9. Adjustment of treasury receipts for.

       (a)Hospital stoppage rolls in respect of non-entitled personnel admitted into hospital,

       (b)Recoveries made on account of loss of stores by individuals.

       (c)Hire of Government transport for amenities purposes, etc.

10. Adjustment of charges on account of medical treatment between the Defence Services and State Government (other than Tamil NaduState).

11. Recovery of extra expenditure incurred by the Defence Services in connection with aid to civil powers.

12. Adjustment of claims for losses of stores in transit.

13. Financial review of the working manufacturing establishments.

14. Adjustment regarding recovery schedule of GPF /CGEIS /CGHS/Advances in respect of employees of temporary establishment of Military Farms.


  • To pay advance of travelling allowance of civilians admissible under rules and to watch their adjustment.
  • To deal with the claims for travelling allowance (including conveyance allowance).
  • To audit travel concessions claims of civilian Government servants availed during leave.
  • To audit T.A. claims of civilian Government servants on retirement.


Approval of LACR,IRCR,LAP,IPR, Rendition of final audit report in respect of loss statement.


This Cell has been entrusted to carry out Audit of Sanction Cell     in r/o sanctions accorded by CFA /Lower than GOI, in r/o Bills pertaining to  M section and Store Contract section.


  1. Fixation of Pay on promotion/MACP/ACP in r/o Defence civilians (Non-industrial staff & officer) of MES units & Army units under audit jurisdiction of PCDA(SWC) Jaipur.
  2. Circulation of letters issued by CGDA, Delhi Cantt and forwarding of related reports.
  3. Clarification on matters of service rules & regulations.
  4. Correspondence related to pay fixation and Court cases/RTI Issue of Part-I Office Orders of important rules and regulation as circulated/ordered by CGDA