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Information Technology & System

Among the various departments under Government of India, the Defence Accounts Department has been pioneer in introducing automation in its workplace. The major IT initiatives taken by the department are here under:-

Project Tulip

» It is an online office Automation system for Regional Controllers.

» PCDA (SWC) Jaipur has switched over from Project SUGAM (earlier office Automation system) to project TULIP w.e.f. 1st September, 2016.

» The project covers all the activities from diarization of dak, till payment of bills through e-payment mode.

» The project covers all the sections of Regional Controller office viz. Record Section, Accounts Section , Audit Sections- Miscellaneous section/Stores Section, Civilian Pay Section, Civilian Transport Section, Medical Section, Disbursement Section.

» All the payments through project Tulip are done through e-payment mode i.e. through SBI CMP Portal.

Project Bhawan

» The system deals with the work of AAO BSO offices.

» It caters for maintaining the masters of Permanent/ Temporary Defence buildings, Occupation and Vacation Reports, generation of Rent & Allied Bills for officers, ORs, Third Parties etc.

» Rent bills are directly uploaded on the portal of Pr. CDA (O) Pune for officers by the respective AAO BSO offices avoiding the delay in their adjustments in Pay Bills accordingly.

Project Nidhi

» The project covers the maintenance of funds accounts (GPF) for DAD as well as Non DAD personnel.

» It is a centralized project implemented on MPLS WAN/ VPN over Broadband.

» Project Nidhi has made the maintenance of accounts more secure and instant availability to all the subscribers.

» System automatically compares the data inflow vis-à-vis sectional compilation.

» Data Entry of GPF schedules is carried out at DDP controllers/ Sub offices and transmitted onward to CDA (Funds) Meerut duly validated and reviewed for preparation of Annual GPF statement.

E-Ticketing (Defence Travel System)

» Defence Travel System has been established by Defence Accounts Department.

» The system provides for cashless booking for duty related journeys for the service Personnel as well as DAD officials.

» The system covers the Rail Travel System and Air Travel Module.

» In the next phase (s), the development of online TA module is planned for on-line submission of adjustment claims for individuals.


» As per the guidelines issued by Govt. of India E-procurement process has also been started for further procurements.